It all started as an idea. My wife home-schools the children, and needed a whiteboard for her teachings. However, she didn’t want a hideous whiteboard hanging on our dining room wall. Where’s the class in that? So, she came to me with a great idea to give her the best of both worlds: Decorative wall accent and a teacher-ready whiteboard. And voila! The Hidden Whiteboard was formed.

I used my woodworking skills to create the product of her dreams. Living in Piedmont, OK, I use my backyard workshop to create these products by hand. There were some trials and tribulations when constructing this Hidden Whiteboard. But overcoming the odds, I have made a very successful business from one idea. Thanks, sweetheart!!

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  • This is my DREAM product…Personally, I love that I don’t have to worry about CLEANING the whiteboard before company comes over for dinner, I just shut the board and pretend it’s just a picture frame. http://thecraftyclassroom.com/blog

    - Valerie McClintick

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