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The Hidden Whiteboard

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Product Description

It’s Perfect!!!

Smaller sizes for Honey-Do lists, chores, reminders, memos or secret notes.
Larger sizes for teaching, business meetings, graphs, demonstrations and more!

Customize and Disquise your Whiteboard

For years, businesses and home schools have sought out a way to display important information such as sales figures and lessons plans while maintaining the professionalism and elegance of their home or office. The Hidden Whiteboard answers that question by providing a professional quality whiteboard that folds up to an attractive picture frame.
So, do what major corporations and concerned parents have done through out the US and integrate the hidden whiteboard into your environment today.

Easy Picture Changing Slot

With the slot located at the top of the frame, the matte/picture easily slides down the grooves in the frame base. Just slide your photograph of choice and change the look of your wall decor.
All while preserving the useability of the hidden whiteboard.
Note: Matte and Photograph are NOT included.

Complementary Dry Erase Marker

With your hidden whiteboard, you will receive a complementary black dry erase marker. This will allow you to start using your hidden whiteboard immediately.

Size Matrix

21 x 11.5 accepts 8×10 photo
27 x 15.5 accepts 11×14 photo
37 x 21.5 accepts 16×20 photo
45 x 31.5 accepts 20×30 photo

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  1. :

    I received the board today. I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and can’t wait to put it up in my home office. Great product.

    Thanks – Lynn

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    • Whiteboard Size Matrix

      • 21 x 11.5 accepts 8x10 photo
      • 27 x 15.5 accepts 11x14 photo
      • 37 x 21.5 accepts 16x20 photo
      • 45 x 31.5 accepts 20x30 photo
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  • This is my DREAM product…Personally, I love that I don’t have to worry about CLEANING the whiteboard before company comes over for dinner, I just shut the board and pretend it’s just a picture frame.

    - Valerie McClintick

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