Homeschool Resources

Welcome to The Hidden Whiteboard homeschooling section. Your resource for unique advice and products to help you home school your child. We strive to provide relevant information that will allow you to utilize our products and excel at teaching your children at home.

At The Hidden Whiteboard, we not only promote home schooling for our clients, but we as owners also practice it in educating our own children.

Thank You for your Patronage,

Erick & Sarah Marshall

Designing your office

While The Hidden Whiteboard was originally designed for parents to home school their children, we realize that our patent pending idea is also great for meetings where a whiteboard is needed to display sales figures and other data that you really must have but generally is an eyesore for your office. With The Hidden Whiteboard, simply close it and have an attractive picture displayed while keeping your facts and figures safe and out of the way.

So do what major corporations like Oracle are doing and integrate The Hidden Whiteboard into your office space.