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The Well Chick Project

This product was a godsend to me. For my new Personal Kanban productivity and organizational system to work, I needed a whiteboard. But I wasn’t about to create an eyesore in my home by tacking one on the wall. I’d just gotten married some months earlier and needed to frame some wedding portraits anyway, so I really feel as if I got a superb two-for-one bargain. Excellent craftsmanship and stellar customer service, from start to finish. For those wondering how it keeps from titling side-to-side when you open and close it, know that it attaches to the wall at two points: one screw at the top, another at the bottom. This keeps it anchored securely to the wall. The dark walnut finish looks stunning and contemporary against any wall or decor, with or without a matte insert. Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased! (A more complete review, as well as pics of my setup, is on my blog at: